Motorola Unveils new DLR Digital Radios for the Hospitality Industry

MCKINNEY, TX: Hospitality sector will soon get more enhanced radios to make their businesses advance as Motorola has unveiled its new DLR Digital two-way radios. 2Way Supply, the authorized dealer of Motorola Business and Industrial walkie talkies, has started giving illustration of the new product.

According to the 2Way Supply, the new two-way radios are beneficial for the hospitality sector businesses as they include modern technologies and features, which lead to faster Return on Investment (ROI) and lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Important features of the latest launched radios, which make them perfect for large properties, like hotels and resorts include huge range which the radio delivers. It provides clear communications indoors or outdoors, covering up to 300, 000 square feet/20 floors; immediate response because the radios allow managers, coordinators, tour group leaders and other staffs to respond rapidly to guest. Also, they delivers exceptional audio clarity and operate in the 900 MHz ISM; improves on-the-ground safety and security by keeping staffs connected and gives the opportunity of private conversion too by disabling unauthorized persons to listen as they use hopping technology that helps in changing frequencies.

“Competition is fierce, and businesses are always looking for ways to improve efficiency and reduce costs, while maintain their high guest and customer standards. The hospitality industry relies on delighting customers and it’s more necessary than ever to deliver great service as quickly as possible. The innovative Motorola DLR two-way radios achieve all of these goals in a groundbreaking new way,” comments Ken Braswell, Owner, 2Way Supply.      

Likewise, the other highlights of the DLR Digital two-way radios consist private reply, call all available, direct call, talk permit tones, long 14-hour battery, built-in antimicrobial protection, advanced configuration menus, home channel and instant mute.

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