Cendyn/ONE's eConcierge 2.0 Offers Enhanced Guests Services Applications

BOCA RATON, FL:  Cendyn/ONE, provider of cloud-based CRM, data-driven digital marketing and interactive design for hospitality and travel industry launched eConcierge 2.0 that  enhances guests services applications(GSAs). It offers guests a simple-to-use application to manage their entire experience using any device.

eConcierge is integrated with Cendyn/ONE’s data intelligence platform, which will allow the hotels and resorts to draw benefits from product’s turnkey integration, robust profiling, marketing automation and sophisticated business intelligence. “We view eConcierge2.0 as a groundbreaking guest engagement platform that both supports and extents a guest’s experience with property, it will allow booking customize arrival time, stay, experience and feedback in a way that is elegant and effortless,” says Tim Sullivan, president of Cendyn/ONE.

The product will allow the guests to share their preferences and profiles digitally resulting in improved guests satisfactions and services as well as increased opportunity for direct marketing and revenue generation. In addition eConcierge caters hotels and resorts a mobile guest service application which directs marketing and operations to enhance guest satisfaction through simple-to-use mobile application. It allows direct messaging and interaction with guests, advance check-in. proximity alerts, real-time, multi-channel messaging and interactive room service. “eConcierge supports guest service application that not only looks and works great, but also has turn-key CRM solution with rich profiling, automated marketing and advanced analytics,” adds Tim. 

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